Where even the tide is out...


Meet Laura, a self-confessed lover of glitter (bio-degradable of course), beach picnics and all things Viking. You know it’s going to be a good day in Pride-on-Sea HQ when you see that early morning message: 'I’ve had an idea…….' 

Laura is the motor in our group. Dedicated LGBTQ activist with a knack for building relationships, obtaining support and a flair for fundraising. 

If you’ve met someone from Pride-on-Sea, chances are it's Laura speeding from BOS to Highbridge and back again, really getting around the community. 

Nothing is more important to Laura than the local community and grassroots Pride.


Meet Andy! He’s one of our organisers and founding collaborators. 

Andy does a lot of the writing and thinking behind the scenes to generate our online content and press releases. Andy grew up in Burnham and has worked in customer service for a number of regional and national organisations. 

His current day job brings out his people skills and he has a great understanding of the disability sector, to ensure that our event caters for everyone. When he’s not busy writing or talking, he’s often found helping to plan our next strategic move! 

In a previous life, he’s spent many a pride transporting some rather famous drag queens (Alaska, Baga Chipz, Peppermint, to name a few!) to their curtain call at Bristol Pride. 

Andy’s pro tip? Always protect your seating… glitter is hard to vacuum out!


Meet Bev, undoubtedly the foundation of our group. 

Bev collaborates with her wife, Sarah, to deliver eat:Festivals - locally-focused food and drink festivals that are held in town centres across the south west. 

Bev and Sarah live in Burnham-on-Sea and are working with the PoS team to ensure the licensing, regulation and operational side of things is as good as can be. 

Bev’s favourite Pride moments were leading the Pride London parade back in 2012 and attending the Isles of Scilly’s first pride in 2022. Massive contrasts, both amazing.


Meet Ruth. Lover of a good pun, all things wood and grassroots Pride. 

Ruth has been working in IT for longer than she cares to admit. She focuses on enabling and coaching teams to create software and apps people want to use. Never too far from a sticky note and marker pen, Ruth loves a well-visualised list of things that need doing. 

Ruth has lived in Burnham-on-Sea for nearly a decade and managed to join a local Skittles team within 8 hours of arriving. 

She spends most of her weekends making things from wood, and you may remember seeing her on TV a few Christmas’ ago making a rocket. 

Ruth says ‘We know there is a strong LGBTQIA+ presence right here in Highbridge and Burnham-on-Sea that hasn’t always been visible. It’s exciting to finally see some of the dots connecting and that people come together to celebrate as a community.’


Meet Fyre. She is our little bundle of energy, and always bound to take you on an adventure you weren’t expecting. 

She’s lived in Burnham-on-Sea for 10 years and appreciates the eccentric mix of people who live here. Fyre will always take the opportunity to talk to anyone, mostly about random things, so if you meet her, strap yourselves in for a journey. 

Always the thespian (you read that right) Fyre loves being part of the local theatre group, although it’s been far too long since she’s taken to the stage. 

Fyre says ‘I am excited to be part of the Pride group bringing the first ever grassroots pride to Highbridge and Burnham-on-Sea and can’t wait to have a boogie with you all on the 22nd July in Manor Gardens'

22nd July 2023

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